What Is A Family Style Restaurant?


Looking to enjoy a warm, welcoming meal that feels like you’re dining in your own dining room? Then a family style restaurant is likely right up your alley. This distinct restaurant style prioritizes an intimate atmosphere where patrons feel right at home. Read on to learn what sets a family style restaurant apart along with what makes Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Nashville such a beloved destination.

Defining Family Style Restaurants 

A family style restaurant aims to echo the environment of sharing a homemade meal together in a private residence. They have a charming, rustic aesthetic, often using comfy rather than extravagant furnishings. The service style also matches this down-home vibe.

It’s a welcoming experience centered on the joy of breaking bread in a cozy setting much like relatives would over the holidays.

The food itself draws inspiration from classic Southern home cooking. While offerings vary by restaurant, expect staples like fried chicken, pot roast, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, biscuits and other family favorites. It’s the type of fare meant to remind you of family dinners growing up.

Of course the “family” in family style doesn’t just refer to the dishes and setting. These restaurants welcome large parties with open arms, especially those with young children along. Accommodating groups is part of their hospitable DNA.

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Nashville – Quintessential Family Style

family style restaurant

If you’re seeking quintessential family style charm in Nashville, look no further than Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen. Conveniently located near the Opry Mills mall and Grand Ole Opry area, this southern comfort food haven transports guests right into Paula’s own kitchen from the minute you enter. 

Paula’s southern roots permeate both savory and sweet menu offerings like chicken pot pie, pork chops and gooey butter cake. With every bite, you’ll be reminded of the best family reunions and holiday gatherings of years past.

The environment echoes those memories as well with a sprawling farmhouse layout accented by brick walls, cozy booths and checkered tablecloths. As Paula herself says “Y’all make yourself right at home now!” And so you shall. 

Servers ensure a friendly, smooth service experience getting those generous platters out hot and fast so everyone can dig in together. Bring along a crowd and watch those delectable down-home dishes bring smiles all around your table.

When you choose Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen for your next Nashville meal, arrive hungry and leave happy after breaking bread in the most welcoming spot in town for family style dining done right.